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Experiential Events

Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Experiential marketing is really quite amazing. It’s equal parts philosophy, artistry and psychology. Simply put, experiential marketing is a more holistic approach to the customer/ brand relationship.

Experiential campaigns are designed to appeal to both our rational and emotional side. They go way beyond traditional feature-benefit methodology, and open up new points of connection with customers – their senses, hearts, and if you do it just right, their souls.

Experiential marketing can be used on any canvas, but the live marketing scenario affords one of the better avenues to create a fully immersive brand experience.


Organization to the smallest details is the specialty of Inside Track. We handle logistic arrangements for participants (Hotels, cars, airline reservation and others); reception personnel, seminar tools, catalogues, brochures, press kits and releases, TV commercial spots, website promotion, and many other details that will make the participant comfortable to make maximum use of the event.