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Public Relations

Media Services

Need help telling your organization’s story? Allow Inside Track to produce a quality media presentation. Whether it’s for your company, non-profit organization or just for yourself, we have vast experience in communicating stories through the visual medium.

From concept to completion, Inside Track works with strategic partners to Produce, Write, Videotape, Animate, Announce and Edit to produce one cohesive, seamless production that conveys your message effectively.

Take note that once your production is complete, Inside Track can create a finished master that meets the stringent requirements for duplication / replication. Through graphic menus, title selections, animated buttons and music, we’ll convey your visual presentation with impact and power.

Pan African Publicity

A management technique for determining the most effective method of communicating within the marketplace.

Media Sponsorships

Examples of sponsorships vary widely, as the whole point is to establish a more unique advertising opportunity than afforded by typical rotating advertisements. They may include several fixed ad placements, advertorials, co-branded content sections, or anything the advertiser and publisher can agree on.

Corporate and Brand Reputation Management

In order to manage reputation, it is important to have a clear understanding of both perception and reality.

In the past, it has been very typical for reputation to be measured with select stakeholders in support of a project or in the wake of a crisis, but very few companies have instilled the discipline necessary to properly manage an asset that’s as valuable as their reputation. Inside Track helps clients develop integrated systems for managing their reputation.

These systems go beyond perception measurement to integrate measurement of multiple stakeholders using a consistent “lens” which is also used for media measurement and communications content analysis.

With a system set up to support multi-year strategic planning as well as day to day reactions and response, we enable clients to manage their reputation with the same discipline that they apply to their more tangible assets.

Stakeholder Relations Strategic Planning and Activation

Whether your organization is working on a strategic plan, policy development, or creating a new program, consulting with key stakeholders is an important factor in achieving ultimate success

Here are some benefits of reaching out to stakeholders through surveys, one-on-one meetings and multi-stakeholder consultations.

Quality input leads to quality decision-making. A broader perspective reduces “group think”, helps to challenge traditional thinking, and sparks creativity in problem solving.

Greater stakeholder satisfaction with the final planning product comes from their involvement in shaping it.

The chances of successful implementation increase as more stakeholders feel committed to the plan or project’s goals and take ownership of the plan’s design.

Good governance, transparency and open communication are served when Boards communicate and receive feedback from stakeholders, instead of being guided by personal agendas.